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Soothing effective homemade bath remedy for skin.

Sunburn, eczema, dry irritated skin or chicken pox - the skin will be telling you all about it!

Recently in a class all these issues came up as a topic of concern and I thought I would share the tried and tested oat bath with you all. Aveeno products are all oat based and you can have the same results when used in conjunction with your or your babies skin care routine.

- buy a bag of organic oats - use a porous cloth, i.e. tights, muslin cloth etc - place a couple of tablespoons of oats in the centre of the cloth and tie together. - place under running water for a bath - water will turn milky - all the soothing goodness is seeping into the water - once bath is full, take the sack of oats give it a gentle squeeze and you can use the sack to gently rub the skin. - the bag will only last a couple of days due to bacteria and water being such great friends, but thats ok! Oats and old stockings are not expensive - just make another bag.

You can get adventurous by using a drop of essential oil or add some extra bits like a chamomile tea bag :) There are loads of ideas online.

Happy to answer any questions! xx

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