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I have always been about health.  From my interest in psychology, to my nurse training, working in the Beatson, to Health Promotion and volunteer work with children.  I hope to help people stay healthy in the full sense of the word so they can be present and fully involved in their own lives and the lives of those who love them. 

As a therapist, massage covers all the passions - able to offer a place to rest and then reengage with life, help immediately with physical problems through hands on techniques and support others to reach their personal goals by preventing injuries and increasing strength and range of movement in the body. You could be 8 or 80 - massage benefits everyone who has muscle! 

Perhaps you climb out of bed with a stiff back and neck? Maybe you're a new mum with shoulder and back pain? Too many hours in front of the computer? Behind the wheel stressing you out? Are you training for a marathon or trying to improve your fitness? Perhaps you own a business and want to support your team, reduce stress and improve health?


Maybe you’ve never had a massage and just want to see what it’s like? (Its awesome!) I am happy to answer any questions you may have and appointment times are flexible so you can find a time that suits you. Any appointments booked are tailored to YOU and what your body needs! So why not get in touch and book an appointment with a certified Massage Therapist specialising in a variety of treatment services.

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